Natural & Herbal Products

For those who take hormone replacement therapy, we compound a natural hormone combination called Tri-Est or Tri-Est with Progesterone. Tri-Est is a combination of three forms of estrogen found naturally in the body. This product comes in many strengths and can be custom made to the exact strength you need. All strengths can be made in capsule form, and many can be put in a cream that is applied topically. These products are only available with a prescription from your doctor.

Herbs can be helpful in treating many types of illnesses and in controlling the symptoms of many illnesses. Listed below are many of the popular herbs and their common uses. **If you are pregnant or nursing it is not recommended that you take ANY herb without consulting your doctor or health care professional.

Flax Seed Oil

This essential fat can be used by anyone. Flax Seed Oil is high in Omega 3 fatty acids which are har

Co-enzyme Q10

Found naturally in the body, but declines with age, this supplement has many uses. Best known for it

Kava Kava

A popular herb, Kava Kava is often taken for complaints such as anxiety, restlessness, nervousness,